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There’s a huge range of commercial sheet vinyl products, starting with all the design options. Vinyl allows you to get the look you love, with the performance of vinyl. It’s available in many, many different looks. There’s a rainbow of colors, a range of textures and many style options. Choose from sheet vinyl that convincingly imitates the appearance of your favorite hardwood look, porcelain tile appearance or natural stone tile look.

You'll also find a wide spectrum of durability—with cost following suit. For commercial applications, one of the main considerations is the thickness of the wear layer (the top, protective layer of the vinyl). Some budget projects may feature a wear layer of 10 mm; while higher end commercial grade vinyl may feature a wear layer of 30 mm. Sheet vinyl with a wear layer on the higher end should be selected for high-traffic commercial applications, such as entrances and hallways. The increase in durability and longevity is an investment that’s often worth the higher initial price over time.

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