Versatile style options with high durability and low maintenance.

Laminate flooring provides just the mix of performance and style for many commercial uses. With better technology available now than ever before, a range of products provide extremely realistic visuals. You’ll find styles to suit your design aesthetic from classic stone tile designs that will elevate traditional office spaces and hospitality buildings to warm wood looks that many of today’s homeowners and renters gravitate towards. There’s bamboo and cork looks. Many colors. Bold patterns, subtle and neutral designs. You name it. We’ll guide you to the specific laminate look.

Commercial grade laminate flooring.

While there are many laminate flooring options that are appropriate for commercial applications, not ALL laminate flooring is commercial grade. At HOM Commercial, we can help you choose not only the style you love for your application, but also help you select laminate flooring with the right AC Rating that will balance performance with budget—according to your specific needs.

AC Ratings are set in place to specify what laminate floorings are appropriate for installation in various amounts of traffic. The range is AC1 to AC5, with the higher numbers designating the most durable flooring choices. AC3, AC4 and AC5 laminate flooring is rated for commercial use, with the former for light-traffic commercial settings and the mid for moderate-traffic settings. The latter alone is considered appropriate for high-traffic commercial use, such as shopping centers and large stores, as well as office buildings that see high foot traffic.

Have A Commercial Laminate Installation Project?

There's a lot to love about laminate flooring, and the huge array of style and performance options are one of this category's many advantages. Our flooring and design experts will work with you to discuss the appropriate AC Rating for your Twin Cities commercial flooring project, and help narrow down a style option that will suit your building and style aesthetic. Contact us today to request a quote or answer questions on your future project.