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Flooring and the perfect wall colors may make up the backdrop of your design and set the tone for the aesthetic style you want to achieve. But no commercial building is complete without functional, durable and stylish furniture. For office buildings, educational facilities, government buildings and more, there’s a range of desks and ergonomic chairs that will make your space comfortable so all the important work completed in these places can go on without a hitch. Choose from traditional executive desks that will impress to sleek and modern desks and chairs that feel fresh and contemporary. Shop other office furniture from seating to book cases, shelves and more to complete your space.

Most commercial applications have a need for seating spaces, including sofas and plush-yet-durable chairs. Fill your lobbies, break rooms, entrances, offices and shared spaces with seating for your residents and guests. Commercial furnishings are appropriate for multi-housing units, hotels and hospitality buildings, retail use and much more. There’s an ideal solution that will look great and hold up to lots of use as well.

Have A Commercial Furniture Installation Project?

At HOM Commercial flooring, we have experience in a range of markets throughout the upper Midwestern states. We bring our expertise, Midwest values and customer-service focus to your application. Plus, you’ll see the benefits of our relationships with commercial furniture manufacturers, buying power and project knowledge all coming together to give you the best value and fastest timeline possible. Contact us today to request a quote or answer questions on your future project.